L to R: Clinical Instructor Bonnie Docherty, Jonathan Nomamiukor, JD ’13, and Kenny Pyetranker, JD ’13, at an NGO forum

Jonathan Nomamiukor (JD ’13) writes movingly on the International Human Rights Clinic blog about how his experiences in the clinic helped dissipate his disillusionment with law school:

“In a room with political activists, ethicists, and scientists, I could see the important role lawyers also played in the production of frameworks that protect human and civil rights worldwide. It may have taken a while, but thanks to the International Human Rights Clinic, I now know how to begin using these tools–and I’m ready to get started.”

Read more about what compelled him to take a break from law school, his work with the International Human Rights Clinic on the issue of fully autonomous weapons, and the mentorship he received from Clinical Instructor Bonnie Docherty in the full post.