PLAP Interim Supervising Attorney Joel Thompson

Joel Thompson is serving as the interim supervising attorney at Harvard Prison Legal Assistance Project (PLAP) while John Fitzpatrick is on deployment. Joel splits his time between PLAP and Prisoner’s Legal Services (PLS) and is happy to be back at his alma mater. Here is a message from Joel introducing himself:

“I’m a former PLAPper, or I guess I’m now a once-and-always PLAPper – aren’t we all? Class of ’97. I spent most of my HLS years hanging out at the PLAP office, which, although it had character, lacked the sophistication and stunning view of today’s PLAP. After graduating, I began a tour of New England states – to Vermont for a clerkship, then to Maine for a downeast version of big-firm associate life, on to Connecticut to a small firm where I could tag along with some folks defending a federal death penalty case, and then back to Boston where I landed at Prisoners’ Legal Services. At PLS I co-chair the Health Care Project, and most of my litigation docket is centered around health care, though I advise and advocate for prisoners on all kinds of issues (as does everyone at PLS). I’m thrilled to have a chance to hang out at PLAP again and watch today’s PLAPpers provide incredible service to our clients.”

Note: This post was adapted from the PLAP newsletter.