Refugio del Rio Grande in San Benito, Texas

Priya Patel recently shared her experience as an Independent Clinical student in San Benito, Texas, on the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic blog. As she opens:

I had heard a lot about Lisa Brodyaga before I went down to San Benito, Texas to work with her over Winter Term. A legend and a mystery in the field of immigration law, she is widely revered for having created Refugio del Rio Grande, a sanctuary for refugees fleeing persecution in Guatemala and El Salvador. While Lisa and other lawyers in the Rio Grande Valley fought to win asylum for these refugees, the refugees worked and lived off of the land, milking cows and growing food….

Read more about how Priya was welcomed into the fold, the kinds of cases she worked on, and how a cow in Southern Texas came to be named “Priya” in the full post.