L-R: Jeannie Suk, Glenn Cohen, James Greiner, and Daniel Nagin (Photo by Jon Chase/Harvard Staff Photographer)

In May, Dan Nagin, Clinical Professor and Director of the Community Lawyering Clinics at WilmerHale Legal Services Center, shared his vision for addressing “Bureaucratic Knots: Veterans’ Benefits for the 21st Century” as part of “HLS Thinks Big”, an annual talk where HLS professors share their innovative ideas. During his segment, which you can view on the HLS YouTube channel, Professor Nagin discusses the enormous backlog in processing Veterans Benefit Administration claims and the negative impact of “no actual hard, external, statutory, or regulatory deadline” for making a benefits decision. Watch the video (starting at 4:40) to learn about the VA’s “failure of imagination”, the “fundamental unfairness” of the current system, and the psychological effect of external deadlines on performance. You can also read more about “HLS Thinks Big” in HLS News.