L-R: Kate Bargerhuff, Keron Morris, Daniyal Iqbal, Benjamin Litman and Sacha Litman

This Fellowship was established in 2012 and dedicated to the memory of Jack T. Litman, HLS LL.B. ’67, a renowned New York criminal defense attorney who was a member of Harvard Defenders during his time at the law school. In his introductory remarks,  Benjamin Litman said “My dad really wanted to afford people the opportunity to get their feet wet.” This year’s fellows did just that.

Keron Morris, Kate Bargerhuff, and Daniyal Iqbal spent the summer representing indigent clients in criminal show cause hearings in Boston area courts. In addition, they conducted research on legal issues they encountered in their work. At the 2nd Annual Jack T. Litman Fellowship Symposium, on November 18th, 2013, they presented their findings to a large audience of students, clinicians, and the Litman brothers.

Keron researched issues related to representing clients with mental illness. Kate explored the collateral consequences of criminal charges and Daniyal researched the challenges that attorneys face when rebutting damaging character evidence.