Steven Levy, We Get the Point

So I read this story (via LawMeme) on Microsoft’s new threedegrees, an interesting IM tool with limited music-sharing capabilities.  As a Lawmeme commenter remarked, it’s probably just a matter of time until the music sharing features get cracked.  We’ll see where that goes

But the real issue is: can Steven Levy please stop writing this type of article?  Remember when he broke the news on Palladium?  I could feel his excitement, along with excessive hype and exaggeration, pouring out of the pages.  I pictured him jumping up and down with glee, giggling about how he had written about The Next BIG Thing.  I get some of the same feeling reading this piece.

It’s not that threedegrees and Palladium aren’t newsworthy – I simply wish Levy would be a little more detached and critical, keeping the Next BIG Thing angle to a minimum.  I know these technologies are interesting and exciting, so go easy on the hype.

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