Fisher’s Plan and Other Interesting Proposals

1.  First, check this out.  Great copyright resource.

2.  Once again, I am attempting to separate the myths and facts about Professor Fisher’s innovative proposal.  This time, it’s with Mikael Pawlo over at Greplaw and on pho.  To find my comments, scroll to the bottom here.

I’d like to spend a bit more time getting past establishing what Fisher’s plan is so I can actually discuss why I like the system so much. But that will have to wait for a different day (in fact, it might have to wait for awhile, because these next three weeks are going to be busy).  For now, here’s the latest draft of his proposal (updated in May).  And, as for my basic feelings about Fisher’s plan, start with this draft rambling, and then realize that I would like to see more people take another little piece of art and do something with it.  I see incredible benefits from preserving P2P and the rip, mix, and burn culture that new technology is ushering in.  The wealth of information, the “semiotic democracy” as Fisher calls it – all experienced at a marginal cost of zero.  Again, more on this later.

3. A fun story on (via pho).

4.  This interesting press release came through pho today.  I can’t really navigate their site on my dial-up access, but it sounds interesting.