To Be Clear…

I’m not asking the questions I did below because I’ve concluded that the EFF is doing the wrong thing, or because I think the EFF doesn’t have answers to those questions. I’m asking the questions because I think there ARE answers that could be made more clear.

Like I said, I appreciate what the EFF’s doing. I like the idea of getting a CL on the table because I think P2P sharing isn’t going to go away; that DRM is a poor solution; that we will inevitably lead to greater regulation of technology if we don’t consider alternate solutions; and that the lawsuits are a less than optimal way to deal with the problem, levying out of proportion damages on random people without necessarily leading to any deterrence (although, if the lawsuits were to be a successful deterrent and we all were to live happily ever after with no DRM and great digital music services and such, then I’d be more content).

For the most part, my criticisms come from two perspectives. First, the perspective of an observer who, without being totally illogical, could think what the EFF’s doing is unprincipled or improper. Second, my general perspective, which is that addressing the complexities of the campaign in a clearer way would make the campaign successful.  In some cases, I’m more in-between – it’s not that I see what they’re doing is unprincipled, but I can’t understand precisely where they’re going with the campaign all the time.

I’m trying to put all those perspectives on the table to start a dialogue, to try to get answers, to try to learn more. I’m asking the questions because I’m interested in seeing the EFF succeed, not because I’ve concluded that they’re wrong or that they should fail.

If you’ve got questions too, let’s continue to make this a dialogue by talking about them, blogging about them, and contacting the EFF.