Digital Music Services News

Napster launches (see ToS for DRM info), iTunes porting to Windows, and eMusic fading.  More on all this later.

You Were Joking

This morning, I woke up to this story at kuro5hin: “Keyboard Manufacturers Named in DMCA Suit.” I couldn’t believe it. Could Alex Halderman’s report really have triggered a lawsuit? Could that lawsuit really be about the legality of the shift-key? Rubbing my eyes and reading a little closer, I realized that it was a total joke. I laughed.

That article’s a joke, but this one most certainly isn’t. (via Copyfight)

I’m glad Alex is feeling confident right now, because I’d probably be scared shitless (or at least talking more like SethF). He has some reason to be confident. I don’t see how his paper is a “device”, or how a shift key fits the language of 1201(a)(2).  And his actions likely don’t constitute circumvention if you read the statute sanely, or they fit into an exception, unless of course a judge would like to create some serious First Amendment problems.  Security research is probably our best bet when defending DMCA attacks.

But the fact that we’re even having this discussion is ridiculous. It’s a total joke. Yet I’m not laughing.