Alternative Compensation System Meeting

Tomorrow, I will be at the Berkman Center’s Development of a Alternative Compensation System (ACS) for  Digital Media in a Global Environment meeting.  I’m not sure why the Berkman Center hasn’t posted a participants list, so I’ll ask permission and try to post a list later.  Perhaps I’ll also be able to post some sort of write-up, but not quite sure about those constraints yet either. In any case, more on this later.

JHU Continues to Prohibit Posting of Diebold Memos

According to Asheesh Laroia, JHU never received a C+D regarding the Diebold memos.  Yet, JHU disconnected access to the files. Even after Asheesh told the University that Diebold had folded, the University still refuses to let him post the memos.  In a recent email, the University said that it “cannot allow its resources to be used in violation of copyright law, whether or not the holder of the copyright (in this case Diebold) plans to prosecute.”

Outrageous.  Expect more info on this later.