Sony Creates Incompatibility With Own Device

Sony’s involvement in DRM and interoperability issues generally makes me wanna retch
– this just makes me wanna laugh.  Apparently, Sony was not
content with making songs sold by its Connect music store unplayable on
basically any other company’s music device.  Sony now wants to make Sony-sold songs
incompatible with Sony-sold devices.

Via PostPlay comes this Engadget report on the new Sony Walkman phone.  At least when it is initially released, the phone will not
support Sony’s ATRAC3 music format and thus songs bought at the Sony
Connect music store cannot be played on the phone.  The phone can
play MP3 and AAC (though not FairPlay-wrapped AAC, of course), but
Connect’s OpenMG DRM prevents conversion into those formats.  A firmware upgrade may provide support at a later time.