Glenn and CC

So Glenn Otis Brown has announced that he is leaving Creative Commons, and, in his last days there, he is writing a wonderful series of posts about his experience. In particular, he’s providing deserved praise for his fellow fantastic Commoners.  Glenn deserves plenty of praise, too, and, though I only worked briefly with him, let me say the following.

I have always found it a bit strange, or at least incomplete, to hear Creative Commons described as Larry Lessig’s – his baby, his brainchild.  Whether you knew it or not, Glenn was on the ground, 36 hours a day, putting the vision into effect. He gave himself up completely to this project, and witnessing that was inspirational for me.  Not to take anything away from Lessig or the other amazing CC team members, but Creative Commons would not be where it is today without Glenn.

He’s also quite generous and funny and a terrific boss.  Sad to see him leave CC, but I’m glad that, as he said, he’ll still be part of the CC effort in some form.

Signal or Noise 2k5: Creative Revolution? – April 8 at HLS

Five years on, Berkman is hosting another Signal or Noise – if you’re in the neighborhood, come join us.

“Signal or Noise, a conference series co-hosted by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School, the Harvard Journal of Law and Technology, the Harvard Committee on Sports and Entertainment Law, and Gartner G2 will
be held this year on April 8. Through an exciting mix of performances,
demonstrations and panel discussions, Signal/Noise 2k5 will explore
audience creativity enabled by digital technologies and built upon
commercial media.  The conference will examine the questions and
possibilities raised by new genres and new roles for artists and
consumers.  The implications for our legal, ethical, cultural and
business environments can be dramatic.  An eclectic group of artists,
scholars, activists and lawyers will take an entertaining and
provocative look at these important issues.”