As Usual

You’ve probably noticed that posting has slowed, as usual for this time of year. As I noted, I’m
wrapping up finals, then it’s time for an insanely fun but somewhat
anti-climactic senior week and Commencement (I don’t graduate until
next January), and then it’s immediately off to SF and EFF for the
summer.  I have a couple posts brewing related to the engaging
discussion we started
about file-sharing; I’m also starting a project that hopefully
I’ll post about a bit.  Not sure how soon I’ll get to all that
though, but hopefully soon.

In the meantime, the usual suspects have everything you need.  Whenever Ernest resurfaces,
he does so with a veritable explosion of posts, and this recent barrage
is not to be missed.  Mike Madison has also been doing some quite
interesting thinking.

Speaking of graduation, btw: many congratulations to Joe and James (and any other cap-and-gown wearing copyfighters I’m forgetting).

File-Sharer Insurance? Huh?

Found this press release
in my mailbox.  Vague info about a P2P-based music subscription
service with a licensed catalog comparable to Napster, Yahoo!, et al.
This caught my eye: “The music subscription service includes copyright
insurance. The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) may
continue to target non-subscribing P2P users with lawsuits, and
inadvertently sue RazorPop’s paying customers. The insurance will be
capped at $5,000 per subscriber, which is above typical RIAA settlement
amounts to date.”

Huh?  I’m in the midst of finals right now, but if anyone cares to do some research on this, do fill me in.

Update: Ernest is, of course, on the case.