More on Google Print

Siva’s got a follow-up in which he expands his analysis, clarifies his positions, and responds to some of my points. 
I have a great deal of respect for Siva in general, whether I
ultimately agree or disagree on the particulars, and this issue is no
different – his post is well-worth your attention.  This post is more convincing to me, but
I’m still not sure I can agree with his positions in this case. 
Perhaps I’ll have more to say about it soon.

Siva also points to this legal analysis
of Google Print.  Like Siva, the author finds that the service
probably would not be considered a fair use.  However, the paper
also demonstrates that the issue is considerably nuanced – Google Print
does not clearly “[fail] every possible fair use test ever tried”, nor
does its legality necessarily depend on “copyright nihilism.” 

Laura Quilter also has an excellent response, with even more analysis of American Geophysical Union.