P2P Litigation Summit: First Thoughts

On Thursday, I attended and spoke at the P2P Litigation Summit. 
It was an enlightening, interesting, and exhausting day.  Keeping with my reporting from FMC, here are
my first take-aways in podcast form.  Next, I’ll post a version of the
presentation I gave.

1.  Hearing the story of David Andora, an innocent person targeted by the record industry.
2.  Learning about the intimidation tactics of the record industry’s Settlement Support Center.
3.  Having former Napster CEO Hank Barry call me a record industry apologist.
(Hank and I were actually, I think, in some agreement, and what he said
about me was more a product of my lack of clarity than anything
else.  In any case, it was a priceless moment I’ll never forget.)

All that, and much more in this podcast….

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