Yahoo! Music Exec: “Dump The DRM!”

The folks at Yahoo! Music continue to surprise and delight.  They already have created Yahoo! Music Engine, one of the most innovative music software players (and apparently some of its designers contributed to the incredible Songbird).  Demonstrating an understanding that music sharing must be a part of the online store experience, they’re way ahead of the pack on features like playlists and boldly bought Webjay.

Now this: Yahoo! Music exec Dave Goldberg reportedly gave a talk at Music 2.0 advocating that the major labels give up on DRM.  Refreshing, isn’t it?  First off, no other music store exec has been willing to say this in public. What’s more, not every music store exec actually wants this.  Apple would keep its DRM regardless of the record labels’ decisions, and Microsoft seems pretty content to play DRM gatekeeper.  To create lock-in, they’re happy to sell customers less useful products.

I’d love to get a transcript of the talk, to see exactly what he said.  I hope Goldberg sincerely presses the record labels on this score.