GUBA and the MPAA’s Usenet suits

I wonder if Guba has anything to do with the MPAA’s recent Usenet suits.  Guba indexes Usenet video and is accessible via a browser. You can then watch video using Flash in your browser or download the video file.  The service costs $14.95 per month.

Guess who probably wants a cut?  If the MPAA is starting to get concerned about YouTube having advertising, then this has got to concern them.  Guba certainly isn’t as popular a site, and MPAA had reasons to target Usenet anyway, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was meant as a warning shot across the bow of companies like Guba.

Note that Guba, like YouTube, has a takedown policy and they also use filters to screen out images reported as infringing if they get reposted.  Whether they’re planning something similar for videos, I don’t know. 

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