The Week After

Okay, this post was supposed to be titled ‘The Morning After’, but I procrastinated, and voila. I had my last performance of David Henry Hwang’s play ‘M. Butterfly’ on Saturday… after over six hours of rehearsal and/or performances every day of the last week.  There is something special about putting so much effort into something and watching it all come together in front of an audience… bonus points if the cast receives a standing ovation. It was my debut in theater, and I had a blast. The plot was amazing, the casting unreal, and the turnout great—we sold out for every performance!  Oh, and I learned a Chinese sentence … that’s a perfectly legit reason for doing anything.

Being a harsh soldier can be tough

M. Butterfly is set in China and in France. The protagonist, a French diplomat in China named Rene Gallimard, falls in love with the ‘lady’ performing the title role in Giacomo Puccini’s Madama Butterfly. He fails to realize that in Chinese opera at the time, female roles were played by men. The lady is a spy for the Chinese government. Gallimard carries on an affair with her spanning over twenty years and eventually divorces his wife (20 years and the dude had no clue).  He is eventually accused of treason.  The play also has some great one-liners like “time flies when you’re being stupid”—I chuckled every time I said that line.  For your own sake, please get acquainted with this play… it’s simply amazing.

Over the past week I found myself thinking, “I am not doing this next semester.  It’s too much…” But I think it might be too late- I may have already been bitten by the theater bug.  What to do this week? I suddenly have a quarter of my day back. I like to think I’ll use the time very productively to catch up on my work and lots of other activities *fingers crossed*.

I came to college determined to try out things I hadn’t participated in when I was in high school. Theater is one of those things, and I’m stoked I got involved.  Theater kids are a cool crowd. There are quirky moments, but that’s the beauty of it.  There’s never a dull moment.  Moral of the post, try out new things- sometimes they will blow you away.

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