Harvard-Yale Memories

Back to the grind! After a much-needed break, I can come back to school feeling refreshed, full of turkey, and ready for this last stretch before finals. When I think of all the amazing friends and memories I’ve made here, the rigorous course work doesn’t seem so bad.

November 20th (the Saturday before Thanksgiving this year) was definitely filled with memories- it was the day of the big football game between Harvard and Yale! Harvard and Yale have this big rivalry and when our schools get the chance to face off with each other, the students go crazy with pride. It was amazing seeing Harvard’s enormous stadium filled to the brim with rowdy fans cheering on their respective schools. It also felt good to get dressed up in Harvard gear and go show some spirit. Of course, seeing all of my friends doing the same only helped fuel the excitement.

Harvard definitely did a good job helping foster the good times too. We had a special brunch that had the tables all decorated with tablecloths and candy (I ended up putting some chocolate kisses in my Harvard Waffle which was delicious). And there was also an enormous tailgate where all the Harvard and Yale students could enjoy BBQ foods, music by a DJ, and all kinds of other free stuff. Here’s a picture of my roommates and me posing with a Polar Bear at the tailgate.

With the custom Harvard-Yale Sunglasses!

All of this was followed by the actual game where the spirit of both sides of the stands definitely shined through. It was a great time and a good chance to meet students from our rival school. And I really liked how even though Harvard and Yale have this huge rivalry, students seemed to have been able to get along pretty well after the game… But then again, it was pretty easy for us because Harvard won… Haha, I’m only joking!

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