Harvard-Yale Weekend

I’m officially a fan of ‘The Game,’ a.k.a the annual Harvard-Yale football game, one of our oldest traditions.  The venue alternates between Cambridge and New Haven. This year it was held at Harvard.  It’s more than just a game: it represents an entire week of general awesomeness.  It’s Monday, and there are loads of student groups selling all sorts of Harvard merchandise (okay, mainly t-shirts) all over campus… The same continues through Wednesday, and you know it can only mean one thing- The Game is here. If you’re inclined to creativity, you can come up with your own t-shirt design, and you will probably have people who are willing to buy it. On Thursday, there’s a pep rally featuring a hot student band and lots of free stuff in the middle of Harvard Yard. Friday rolls in, and there’s a New Haven exodus to Cambridge.  Almost every student group on campus holds different mixers with their Yale counterparts. If you’re like me, your evening begins with some improvisational comedy starring your roommate, and then you hit up one or two events hosted by various student groups you’re part of.  Saturday is the day to put on all the Harvard merchandise you have and head to the tailgate (a huge party with a lot of food and beverage right before The Game).

Harvard-Yale Football Game

At 12:00, the  game begins … the cheering is amazing, and the excitement is almost palpable with all the screaming and antics. The whole time, I am wondering why it all seems so familiar until it hits me at the end of the game, when we jump onto the field because Harvard has won. I went to a high school where rugby was huge, and we all made a really big deal of our equivalent of ‘The Game,’ though it happened several times a year since we were involved in various leagues. I had forgotten just how much I had missed the feeling of being in a huge crowd of people all rooting for the same team… the exhilaration when the team wins and everyone runs onto the field. Needless to say, I had an amazing time at what is probably the biggest game I’ve attended at Harvard so far. The spectators can always tell when the players are giving it their all, and they did. Both sides leave knowing we have a date next year down in New Haven  for what is one of the more exciting events in the year—especially when you’re used to winning :).

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  1. Moses Junior’s avatar

    Loving your blog. So you are from Kenya? Well me too and my dream university is Harvard. It is widely perceived that Ivy schools like Harvard rarely accept students from outside the states, because they don’t trust our systems. Well, can’t blame them for that.
    Anyway, my question is how on earth did you make it there from here. Because with the crazy competition that almost sounds like a fairy tale.
    Well personally I cannot settle for anything less than Harvard. So I definitely need your advice. What did you do.?
    Thank you.

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