Decorating Dewolfe 10-56

One of my favorite parts about being a sophomore is that you get to pick exactly who you’re living with. While there’s something thrilling about being placed randomly in housing as a freshman, and I certainly loved getting to know my roommates last year, it has been such a comfort to come home at night to three of my best friends at Harvard. Our blocking group grew close around this time last year, bonding over many holiday traditions we were missing at home – we went to see the Nutcracker together, celebrated Hanukkah, and built snowmen in the Yard. As such, we’ve been super excited for the holidays to roll around, both because of our general love for hot chocolate and snow and because it marks the unofficial one year anniversary of our friendship.

We made a pact at the beginning of the year that we would have a Christmas tree in our room for the holidays, so the day we all got back from Thanksgiving, we headed to Allston (right next door to Cambridge!) to buy our very first tree together! My roommate and I had stocked up on supplies at Target over break, so we were fully prepared to deck it with lights and ornaments when we got back to the room.

The best part of the night was getting to decorate our room together – we were blasting music and chatting while hanging lights and making cutout snowflakes. It was so nice to be able to relax and catch up on how everyone’s breaks had gone! I was especially grateful when one of my roommates suggested a cookie study break. We headed to the convenience store across the street and bought cookie mix, frosting, and food dye. Only about half of the cookie dough actually got baked into cookies, but we ended up making an impressive collection of holiday cookies (if I do say so myself).

At the end of the night, we took a holiday photo and sent it along to all of our parents – I’m pretty sure my mom still thinks we’re crazy for having bought a 6 ft tree for ourselves, but everyone’s families were happy to see we had decorated our room for the holidays! It’s so fun to come back to all of the lights!

As I’m writing this, the five of us (four roommates plus one more of our blockmates) are sitting around our common room checking email, chatting, and helping each other pick out formal dresses. So nice to have a bit of downtime together!

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