Reading Period, Finals, and that Latino Flavor.

Finals Period is here! After a very challenging and exciting semester, it is now time to prepare for all the Final Exams coming soon and to continue working on all the Final Papers that are due even sooner. Thank goodness for Reading Period! Reading Period is the week before Final exams actually begin and because classes are no longer meeting, it allows for students to get a chance to meet with teachers and study the loads of material that they’ve been asked to learn in the past couple months.  With exams inching closer everyday, there’s no time to waste!

Don’t be intimidated though, Harvard offers a lot of resources to help you handle this exam period and the stress that goes with it. Not only do the House Tutors/Proctors provide workshops on how to prepare for finals and papers, there are also school-wide events that provide you with the tips that are sure to help you do well on whatever comes your way.

Even though Finals are on everyone’s mind, the beginning of Reading Period also provides students with a little personal time to reflect on the semester’s memories. A lot of the organizations on campus host end-of-year events where the membership can get together and celebrate all the accomplishments that they’ve had. For example, last Thursday and Friday, there were two great events where the Latino Community was able to come together and share our beautiful culture with the student body.

First, last Thursday, the Latino Community held the annual Latino Holiday Dinner and it was a great time with AMAZING Latino Food, Music, and Smiles. I was even able to share a Spoken Word piece I wrote for the occasion. Check out some pictures!

Spoken Word Performance

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Group Pic!

The following night, RAZA held an event celebrating Las Posadas, a Christmas tradition in México where groups of carolers walk through the streets, singing carols at homes along the way, in the nine nights before Christmas. Each night, the processions end in a room where the participants get together, enjoy warm drinks and Pan Dulce (That sweet bread I told you about), and play games. Every year, RAZA recreates this tradition as a way to share our traditional celebrations and culture with the Harvard community. Here are some more pics from this event too!

The Procession

Singing & Dancing

The Roommates… Again haha

This was definitely a great start to Reading Period and its nights like these where you’re able to appreciate all the people that have helped you make it to the end of the semester. With support like this, Finals don’t seem too bad at all.

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