Working at Harvard!

Winter Break is going great! There’s no better feeling than to look back on the semester and think about all the great experiences I have had during the year. Even though this semester was probably the toughest one yet, the challenges I was able to overcome helped me become a better student and a better person.

One of these challenges that helped me grow was balancing schoolwork and a job. I was lucky enough to be able to work with Crimson Summer Academy as a CSA Mentor during the summer and continued my work with them during the school year mentoring high school students from the Boston area. The students are phenomenal and I feel privileged to work with them.

The responsibility of maintaining a balance between my school schedule and my work schedule proved difficult at times but those time management skills developed in high school and in college helped me prevail.

Working with Crimson Summer Academy and other programs that help students make it to college has been one of my most rewarding experiences at Harvard. Because I was blessed with the opportunity to go to such a prestigious school, I feel that it is important to show others that it is possible for them to make it to college too. For this reason, I am happy that Harvard has given me a chance to share these experiences through Crimson Summer Academy and even through this blog.

The amount of jobs available to current students at Harvard is incredible. It’s all about finding the right fit for you. Luckily, I found a great fit and enjoy where I work very much. To get a peek into what working with Crimson Summer Academy is like, check out this video that provides some highlights from working with CSA at Harvard this Fall 2010.

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  1. Ratheesh’s avatar

    Dear Frnd,

    I am Ratheesh ; working professional having 7.4 Yrs working exp in Oil&Gas.I am a Three Year Diploma holder in Electrical Engineering.I would like to do Part time B-Tech (Electrical Engineering) in USA.
    Kindly advise if any universities offering this fascility&Employers offering this opportunities.

    Thank You


  2. Wanbor’s avatar

    My dream is 2 b in harvard but no chance for me

  3. allen’s avatar

    this is great. it is amazing how the students can be involved in this. gash i wish i was one of these great writers in this campus.
    bigups am allen from uganda

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