Let it Snow!

There’s a heavy snowfall going on in Cambridge and Boston right now so it’s pretty chilly. My friends who grew up with snow every year are passive but for me, one of the most amazing parts about being on the east coast is the snow. I’m from San Diego so the winters I’m used to include T-shirts and occasionally putting on a hoodie. Harvard gave me a change of pace, it gave me a new environment and a chance for a new experience. When I first decided to leave the west coast, my friends asked me, “Why would you leave the constant sunshine and palm trees?”

For whatever reason, I thought that experiencing a different climate would help me broaden my perspective and even help me understand the white Christmases I’ve seen in classic holiday movies.

Because I decided to go to the east coast, I got the chance to make a snow angel, make a snowman, and even make my roommate bow down to me in a snowball fight haha. And the scenery, provided by the antique buildings, huge libraries, and the Harvard statue in the Yard, definitely makes those memories that much better.

Remember how I mentioned going to Denver for an internship? Well, one of the teachers I was staying with (Harvard Class of 2009), surprised me with an opportunity to go snowboarding for the first time! If you want to see how it went and how well I learned to “shred the gnar,” check out this video!

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    I think your v-log was absolutely phenomenal. Truly a humorous experience. I found your colloquial language to be somewhat sophisticated as well as your written post to be none the less, quite interesting. I love anything Harvard so please send a shout out!!

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