My Epic Adventure with Mary Poppins

If there is one thing I regret about my time here at Harvard, it’s that I don’t ever get out.  There is so much to do on campus and in Cambridge that when people ask me, “So, how do you like living in Boston?” I have to honestly answer, “Well… I haven’t really been to Boston.”  It’s embarrassing.

I know a lot of kids that make the effort to go out and explore, it’s just that I’ve become so busy that when I do have down time, I find myself in my dorm or Lamont library socializing or “doing work” (the quotes are there for a reason).  And hey, they don’t call it the “Harvard Bubble” for nothing.

But this was not the case two Thursdays ago when my best friend Heather, who goes to Wellesley, called me up and asked, “Do you want to go to the Boston premiere of Mary Poppins tonight?!?”

I had a million reasons not to go.  I had an Economics 10 problem set to finish, I was exhausted from a week of late nights and hard work (or procrastination…), I really, really hated the movie (Mary Poppins freaks me out – the bankers, the creepy old people, the loud cannon thing that makes dishes fall, the TALKING PARROT), but then I thought, “Why deny myself this opportunity to see a little more of the world?”  So I went!


The musical itself was just plain fun.  I mean, who doesn’t love upbeat cheesy show tunes in concordance with lively choreography and brightly colored costumes?  But the BEST part was taking a break from the daily routine.

Of course, because my life is a comedy errors, I was late, one of my high heels got stuck in a crack between the bricks of the sidewalk, I almost missed my stop getting off the T (Boston’s version of a subway), I tripped and fell in front of EVERYONE going down the stairs in the theater… and the fire alarm went off (for the first time ever, according to the usher – of course, it was because I was there).

This is my best friend Heather posing outside of the theater with a fire truck after the smoke alarm went off. Photo cred goes to my cellphone.

Regardless, I had a fantastic time!  Of course, I then stayed up until 5:00 a.m. finishing homework… but it was totally worth it!

Has anyone else out there seen the musical?  What are some things that you’ve done as excuses to get out and about?

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  1. Mz’s avatar

    Before I ask my question, I must say sorry because I think I’m changing the funny atmosphere of your blog.
    I want to know what should I do if I want to continue my education in this lovely Harvard University? 🙂
    I hope to see your answer on my gmail.

    1. Kate Meakem’s avatar

      Ah, the ever pressing “what do I do to get in?” question! If only there were an answer! Look, I will be the first to admit that I am VERY, VERY fortunate to call Harvard my home. If you had asked me this time last year if I would be here now, my answer would have been first a laugh, then a resounding “No.” All I know is that every student here is individual, and every student has something unique to bring to the table (even if he/she doesn’t know it yet). This uniqueness is not derived out of something fabricated or done purely for the sake of putting it on a transcript. This uniqueness comes from passion, from knowing what it is that you love and pursuing it. Whether it be computers, biology, literature, nordic mythology, languages, entrepreneurship, leadership, politics, or ANYTHING, discover what it is that makes you excited and that you feel strongly about. I think what Harvard (and many other great schools) understands is that people who put their energy into what they love to do are those who will make an impact on the world.

      1. Mz’s avatar

        My gosh
        I reckon I’m unique,pure & genuine 🙂
        So I must be there, mustn’t I?
        Is there any exam for entering?
        Nobody can believe but I’ll pass!
        Exchange & learning are my loves so after working in Exchange, I’ll study at Harvard Univers! sure 😉
        U’ll see me there as soon as possible! my lovely friend.

        1. Kate Meakem’s avatar

          Hahaha! I am so happy that I have inspired you to apply! It is a challenging and highly competitive process, but even if Harvard isn’t the place for you, I promise that it is all worth it in the end. For questions on the nitty-gritty of the application process, please email They will be more than happy to help you out!

          1. Oesler’s avatar

            I’ve been reading your blog and your have been thru amaning experiences… I know thousand of felows that would like to be in your place.

            After watching social network movie, I started visiting Harvard website seeking for any interesting information, just for curiosity…

            Anyway… Maybe you have heard that many time before but,

            Do you feel super special once you are there, in the place that milions of students would like to be??? And what are you doing, on daily bases, in order to make it worth, I mean, how are you using this opportinuty to do something very special that could change the world.

            You problably noticed that I ain’t an american, so if you still are reading this 😉 I’m from Brazil – Sao Paulo – 30 yo and married with two kids.
            If you want to see how it looks like see in the link below;


            1. Kate Meakem’s avatar

              I am so sorry it has taken me a while to respond. The truthful answer is that I have written several responses and none seems adequate (or concise). As a result, I have decided to devote an entire blog post to this question, for it is a good and important one. I am sorry to keep you waiting yet again, but stay tuned (expect it to appear after my next post on the ‘Top 10 Things To Do When Visiting Harvard’ — I have promised this post to a previous comment-er)!

              1. Oesler’s avatar

                Gr8.. I’ll be waiting for this post.

              2. Mz’s avatar

                could anybody help me?

                1. Kate Meakem’s avatar


                  What can I help you with? Do you have a question that I could answer? I try to respond to all of my comments.

                2. Colonic Cleansing’s avatar

                  I had fun reading this, you’re a pretty clumsy girl and cute at the same time. Glad you had your fun moments despite being that busy. =)

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