Spring Break!

Amazing! That’s the only word I can think of to describe my first Spring Break. I tend to love all breaks (lots of sleep, no homework, lazing about- what’s not to love), but this one was particularly enjoyable. The timing was also perfect, coming after a week of midterms. I took the opportunity to explore Boston during the first weekend by taking the ‘Freedom Trail’ which is a 2.5 mile trail through Boston that leads you to 16 important historical sites. This in many ways felt like a crash course in American history and left me feeling I knew Boston much better. I also visited China Town and had dim-sum. Ah, the joys of having a huge city a few minutes from Campus.

The next week my friend and I were in San Francisco. What a city! We went everywhere from Alcatraz where we saw Al Capone’s cell room, to Coit Tower which has a most beautiful collection of murals, to Haight-Ashbury which was a center of the hippie culture in the 1960s. Our hosts were phenomenal- they drove us around and showed us all of San Francisco’s hidden treasures. Oh, we also met up with a Harvard alum who took us out to dinner and showed us a grand time. See, that’s something I quite enjoy about Harvard, knowing that wherever in the world you go you’ll probably find people who went here, but I digress. The greater point is that San Francisco was amazing!

A note on being international, I thought San Francisco is supposed to be scorching all year long. In fact I was worried I hadn’t carried enough shorts and sandals. Turns out none were necessary- evidently it’s never really hot in San Francisco and it ended up raining for two days. I had fun nonetheless- I wasn’t about to make enjoying my spring break contingent on nature. Lesson: weather forecasts are there for a reason.

My biggest lesson from break was that all countries including Kenya need spring break (spring or no spring). We might also want to consider throwing in a break in autumn to compensate for all the years we’ve missed spring break (just saying).




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    hello … My name is yasaman and i’m from Iran , i want to take SAT exams for applying to Harvard and i found your blog on university site so i have one question and i would be very grateful if you could help me .
    In application requirements section they mentioned , freshman should take at least 2 SAT subject tests and Students should not submit two Subject Tests in mathematics to meet this requirement , so my question is ,does that mean i can’t take physic or chemistery tests or it just refer to math level 1 & 2 tests ?
    I would be very appreciated if you could help me with this.
    many thanks

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