Another Crazy Harvard Weekend

One of the things that I love the most about Harvard is the freedom you have to do what you’re passionate about. Whatever issue, topic, idea you feel is important to you and the community, you have the ability and the resources to bring that topic to life for your peers, faculty, and administrators.

As long as you have the passion, there will always be a way for you to turn that passion into a reality.

Speaking of ways to express your passion, this weekend was jam-packed with just that. Culture, Public Service, Music, Arts, and more Public Service. What more could you ask for?

Real quick recap of some of the big events:

Thursday, RAZA held a Cesar Chavez Day Celebration with fantastic Pupusas (a traditional Salvadorean Dish), the very impressive Professor Doris Sommer, who spoke about Teatro Campesino (a form of performance that Migrant Farm Workers used to spread various messages to those working the fields), and a special performance by Harvard’s very own Mariachi Veritas. The food was delicious, the professor was insightful, and the music (as usual) was especially on point. I love it.

And Friday, The Black Student’s Association (BSA) had a public service event where Harvard students interacted with Boston middle schoolers from Edwards Middle School and talked to them about the importance of college. The kids were stupendous! I was able to connect with them and we were able to share stories about our backgrounds, which seemed to intertwine so much. I always love talking to future first-generation college students. Shout out one more time to the BSA for the opportunity & to Adrienne Smallwood, BSA President, who moderated the student panel!

And Speaking of Mariachi Veritas, they had one of their amazing concerts on Saturday night, which blew the crowd away. They had great guest performers from Brown University, Dartmouth College, and a very special group of high school students from Texas who were PHENOMENAL. Shout out to my Phi Iota Alpha brothers, Jesus-Mario Luevano & Ricardo Robledo for holding it down on stage with Mariachi Veritas!

Now, Sunday- (I know this is a lot of events but this is a typical weekend at Harvard), I am happy to let you guys know that I will be hosting the 9th annual Presencia Latina- a Harvard Latin Arts Showcase. We had rehearsal yesterday for the Show that will be taking place this Friday, April 15. I am so excited! We have a very HOT lineup of impressive performances! I’ll definitely be covering that with a video! Be ready! && Much love to my stunning co-host Pratyusha!

And now, today. I am just now getting back to my room after a very special event that I was helping organize on “How to End Gang Violence in America.”

We filled the room- the 10 or so pizzas were gone in literally 3-5 minutes, and we were able to have a very successful and enlightening event.

What’s your passion? Whether it’s your culture, your love for music and the arts, public service, or all of the above, be sure that you can share it (or find it) here.

There are definitely more details coming soon! I have an “Economics 10” midterm on Wednesday, which I am cracking down on, so I’m going to handle that first. But until then, check out the video I made for the event tonight!

Harvard students and Harvard Voices. Enjoy!

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