That Harvard Dedication!

I can’t believe this year is already over! It flew by way too fast and I’m already missing my Friends and the East Coast.

Looking back on the last few weeks of hours in the Library studying for Finals and writing paper after paper, I can’t believe I made it through. Although the challenging coursework and academic rigor of Harvard can sometimes feel like a bit much, you are not in it alone. There are dedicated staff and teachers ready to help you reach that next level that the challenging academics are meant to help you get to.

Having finished the first 2 years of my college career, I feel smarter, stronger, and ready for whatever life can throw at me. A big part of this growth that I have experienced is due to the dedication of the people I was working with so closely.

For example, in preparation for my Portuguese Final Exam, my teacher, Max, had an extended schedule of Office Hours for extra help and clarification of the subject material. Portuguese is very similar to Spanish so it can sometimes be confusing for a native Spanish speaker like me. Thanks to Max’s help though, I was more prepared for the exam than ever!

Raphi, my Economics teacher, was also an ENORMOUS help throughout the year and in preparation for my Final Exam. He was always ready to meet with his students and the way he helped you understand the subject material was PHENOMENAL. He definitely made Economic models and concepts seem a lot easier than they first appeared.

Also, my Statistics Professor, Professor Harrington, was always ready to meet with his students. In preparation for a Final Project, my group and I reached out to him for help and he was ready with great advice and tips on how to make our project better. He even stayed a few extra hours to help out the rest of the student groups asking for his help.

What’s amazing about all of this is that although my teachers had an incredible amount of other responsibilities such as Doctoral Programs and Research work, they still made the time to help out the students they were working with. Their dedication to their students made me want to work harder and made the course load that much more manageable. Harvard challenges you- But it doesn’t leave you out to do it alone.

The teachers you work with at Harvard are amazing individuals who care about who they are teaching. They enjoy helping their students and they have helped me make it through. They are experts in their fields and I am grateful to have worked with them.

Wow… I’m already halfway through college… Can’t wait to see how much more I grow throughout the rest of my Harvard adventures! I’ll be sure to keep you all posted!

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  1. Kadınoloji’s avatar

    Well done Jesse ! What is the next step?

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    Well done Jesse ! What is the next step?

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