Hi, I’m Reid!

Sarah Reid ’15

Hello! I’m Reid, Sarah Reid (007 reference anyone?), a Freshman living in Canaday. I’m originally from Central Vermont, so city life is a bit of a  change for me! I’m interested in too many things to decide on a concentration just yet, but I know I want to pursue a track in Mind, Brain, and Behavioral studies. Outside of my varied courses, I sing in The Nostalgics, a twelve-piece Soul/Motown band of awesome undergrads, participate in the Environmental Action Committee (focusing on sustainable and local foods), work for Dorm Crew, and photograph random events for The Crimson newspaper. I am looking to expand into the arts (a cappella? Freshman musical?), as well as any other extracurricular which sounds interesting (i.e. polo). When I’m not doing those things, I write songs on my guitar, study in Widener library, search and find as much live music as I can, and drink lots of tea in a quest to conquer the common cold.

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  1. michael yang’s avatar

    nice to know you on the net,
    i’m the person who come from the china
    i love the music and tea
    i hope we can make a friends

  2. Reid’s avatar

    I’m not sure on how someone would apply to become a doctor (I’m assuming that’s what you mean by MD). I’m just an undergraduate student, so I don’t have to worry about that stuff yet! But if you have any questions about undergraduate life, I’d be happy to answer them.

  3. beric’s avatar

    hey if you dont mind, can you assist on some tips on how to aplly for MD?

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