My Halloween weekend was filled with dance, music, and costumes. I attended the Expressions (a hip-hop dance organization on campus) show and an a capella concert put on by The Veritones and The Callbacks. Friends of mine are members of all three groups, so I love supporting them and I look forward to their shows every semester. If you’re ever around Cambridge when there’s a performance, you should definitely check it out. Otherwise, search for them on YouTube because each group puts on an awesome show. You won’t regret it!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite days of the year. I don’t eat candy or chocolate, but I think it’s fun to dress up in character. It’s even cooler to see the creative costumes that people come up with. I had two favorites from last night. A friend of mine dressed up as Harvard’s 375th Birthday, with a 375th t-shirt, mud on her face and all. It’ll make more sense if you read the last few sentences of Caroline’s post about the celebration. My other favorite was a girl dressed as a kangaroo. She was wearing a belt that held up a mini, stuffed kangaroo. It was really clever, and I wish I had taken a picture so I could have shared it with you all. But I didn’t know her and thought that it might be a little strange if started to take photos of her from afar…

My preparation for Halloween was a bit of an arts and crafts project. I live in a suite with four other roommates, and while one of them was traveling to Princeton with the Lightweight Crew team for a race, the rest of us had planned on a “Where’s Waldo?” theme. Unfortunately, two of the guys were feeling under the weather so Adam and I were the only ones who got dressed up. I thought our idea was super original, until we walked around campus only to find multiple Waldos wherever we went! No offense to all the other Waldos, but I thought my striped shirt was the best. Here’s where the arts and crafts come in: I made it myself using red duct tape! Can you tell? I can’t take all the credit because I got the idea from a video I saw online, but I thought it was cool regardless.

My roommate Adam and I as "Where's Waldo?"

My roommate Adam and I as "Where's Waldo?"

Tonight, Quincy House (the dorm building I live in) is having a pumpkin carving event in the dining hall! While I’ve never been very good at carving pumpkins, I know there’ll be some pros out there. If I’m not too embarrassed about the finished product, I’ll post a picture of my pumpkin…but no guarantees!



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  1. mehdi’s avatar

    hiii dear respectable one .. best wishes of luck and prosperity to you..
    i would be so happpppppyy to have your email and ask you many questions regarding harvard..

    1. Scott Yim’s avatar

      Hi Mehdi,

      Thanks a lot. You can contact the Admissions Office at this link: http://www.admissions.college.harvard.edu/contact/index.html. They’d be more than happy to answer your questions regarding Harvard!

      Best of luck,


    2. SEO Analyst’s avatar

      Hey Man.

      Best of Luck for your Halloween. Can you please send me some photographs after completion of Halloween.


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