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I figured it’d be fun to do a visual-themed post, so I did a comic strip aaaaand here are some photos that I’ve taken around campus and Cambridge! I hope you enjoy them, and get a better sense of what your Freshman fall could look like here at Harvard.


More photos:


Harvard First-Year Social Committee turned Annenberg (the dining hall) into a Halloween Catwalk and Dance




I know it's a little late, but the Head of the Charles was AWESOME!



Someone was riding her bike with an umbrella…she's amazing.


Post Scriptum:

It snowed this weekend, which was incredible and beautiful and freezing (I am from Vermont, so there’s nothing better/more common than snow on Halloweekend). On Monday [real Halloween], my French class had a film screening in which we watched our own student-made francophone horror films, which were surprisingly awesome! Overall, this past weekend was a blast, full of horror, dancing, and candy. Mmmm, chocolate.

Happy Thursday!


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  1. Bentley Hotel NYC’s avatar

    Good blog post. Lots good interesting information here. Glad I took the time to read it.

  2. Reid’s avatar

    Thank you!
    Sometimes it’s just easier to visualize an experience, and I thought this would be fitting.

  3. mustafa’s avatar

    hi , I hope to study as you . help me to jion

  4. gorod1277’s avatar

    Very impressive. A single picture… but it gave nice feeling of a student’s life where the education process is in the center. The technique of cartooning, visualizing of basic events of a day seems to be rather interesting itself.

  5. Aleks’s avatar

    Interesting and informative! Tadah!

    1. mustafa’s avatar

      interesting I hope to be with you

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