Transitioning Into Reading Period

After the joy of Thanksgiving break (which was MUCH needed – so nice to be home!) I was unlucky enough to come back to school to an extremely large pile of work and a big ol’ presentation for my Social Studies tutorial. Not so fun! So needless to say, I’ve spent the week cracking down on my assignments, drinking lots of coffee, and spending late nights at the library.

I did have one near-horror story with my paper, though. For background: in order to print using library printers, students have to swipe their ID and pay with “Crimson Cash,” which you can load onto your card online. The paper I was writing was for American Constitutional Law, and given that our professor is a Law School professor, we needed to submit our essays in hard copy at his office at 4:30. I was working on my paper down to the wire, went to print at 4:15… and discovered I didn’t have enough Crimson Cash to print it! Probably the most stressful 7 minutes of my semester were spent trying to load money onto my account, waiting for it to load, and finally printing my paper. A full out sprint across Harvard Yard later, I submitted at 4:27 – phew!

Yesterday also marked the end of classes, which means that today is the start of our nine day reading period. I was joking with friends this morning at this day (that is, the first day of reading period) is the “best day of the year” – mostly because it’s one of the few times all semester you can feel guilt free when you’re not working. I took full advantage of my mini-break and treated myself to dinner out last night and a long night’s sleep. It was much needed!

The bliss only lasts for so long, though, as end of the year assignments and activities begin cropping up constantly during reading period. I have two more papers due over the course of the next week, as well as three exams during our finals period, which means I’ll definitely be working!

Outside of class, though, there are also a lot of fun social events and activities going on, which means students are usually busy all day despite not having classes this week. Tomorrow night, for example, is the “Five House Formal” – as you might have guessed, five of the upperclassmen Houses are joining together to run a giant formal downtown Boston. As further evidence of how hectic reading period can be, there are probably a dozen end-of-semester performances going on this weekend. I went to see my friends in Spring Awakening and Little Shop of Horrors Thursday and Friday, and am going to the Kuumba (gospel) concert tonight. It’s definitely busy trying to balance everything! The mix of school and fun is what makes reading period great, though – I’m strangely looking forward to the next week!

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  1. Linda’s avatar

    Forgetting money to print out papers at the last moment would of been horrible! Glad you were to submit right on time, good job 🙂 !

  2. Asmod’s avatar

    Look forward to see such posts!

  3. 彭颖’s avatar

    yeah,harvard is perfect.

  4. Janet P’s avatar

    This is more for my freshman daughter whose determine her targeted future college. Just helping her out if her vision will be possible.

  5. Lenterak’s avatar

    I like harward college, Thank you, see ya soon……

  6. Mohamed’s avatar

    I like Harvard,I’m 24, I have done my MBA form a decent B school in India, My goal is to be Invited as a Chief Guest for Harvard Induction event………..Thank you, see ya soon……….

  7. Mina’s avatar

    I like harward college and Iwant to be a student here

  8. mina’s avatar

    Ilike harvard college and I want to be student here

  9. Rasul’s avatar

    wait for me Harvard after 3 years i will be there….

  10. ogunlana segun wareez’s avatar

    Harvard university is my dream school for master
    degree & Phd as well & A̶̲̥̅♏ still hoping for τ̅ђã†‎​ cos A̶̲̥̅♏ in m̶̲̥̅̊Ɣ‎​‎ underG as ά̲̣̥ microbiologist

  11. Livaniaina Razanajafy’s avatar

    I like Harvard too and my dream is to be a student there.:)

  12. Jamal Alotomi’s avatar

    My dream is to be astudent in Harvard

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    i like harvard.i like me student to here.

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