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Sorry that I’m posting so late at night…I’m at home (!) and was busy today with family things. However, I just got off campus yesterday, so I do have some stories from this past week. It’s been full of exams, and although that’s the title of my post, I wouldn’t like to focus on that aspect. Oh, also, congratulations to the Early Accepted Class of ’16! WOOHHOOO! (Around this time last year, I was moping because I wasn’t accepted into my first choice, and thank my lucky stars for that, because I ended up here!)


So what am I going to talk about? FOOD. Yes, sorry, I know I talk about that a lot, but finals brings a lot of late nights and stress, and thus I spent a large portion of my week eating. The first item on my list: Instant Noodles.



Part I: The P.Set Pad Thai

Once upon a time there was this really, really hungry Freshman who did not have the money nor the motivation to order take-out from The Kong. In the spirit of independence/thrift, she asked her mother for a gift of Dr. McDougall’s Asian noodle bowls which were, to her surprise, delicious. This girl used to pour boiling water from her roommate’s electric kettle into the noodle bowl and suffer for eight long minutes as she waited for it to cook and tried to finish her problem set. Eventually, she ate the noodles (pad thai, kung pao, and soy ginger being her favorites) and finished the p.set in no time! This really helped her get through all that review for LPSA, which she really hoped she passed.

Part II: The Canaday Kung Pao

A few days passed, and money for noodles was getting short. The Freshman was in despair, so she sent out a quick post to the Harvard Marketplace Facebook page, which may or may not have looked EXACTLY LIKE THIS:

Within the hour, hundreds of messages came pouring in. One struck her in particular; a boy in ‘B’ entryway of Canaday desired this spicy ramen, and was willing to pay CASH on the spot! She couldn’t resist, so she clad herself in sweatpants, sweatshirt, and knock-off Uggs, hefted the giant box of ramen, and marched across Canaday courtyard. There, she found the residents of B entryway salivating, waiting for that delish gift; they exchanged money and she galloped home, happy to provide better noodles for her little family. The End.



One day, this same girl was really craving pie. She’d just gotten out of the Crimson’s Basement, where she had been editing photos for an hour, and nothing could prepare her for an exam better than pie. But where to get pie at 10 pm on a Sunday night? Nowhere. She paced back and forth in her dorm room, until her eyes fell upon a jar of cinnamon on her desk, as if there by magic (why else would it be there?). She threw open her fridge and, to her delight, she found an apple! Luckily, her roommates happened to have caramel, so she knew what was in store– a makeshift apple pie! Here are the steps of exactly how she made this dorm-room delicacy:

1. Cut apple!


2. Put Apples in Bowl!


3. Put caramel on apples!


4. Sprinkle with cinnamon!


5. Ogle the vision.


6. Microwave!


7. Om nom nom….


The Freshman continued her night, content and full, ready to take on the scary finals. The End.



It was late at night, and this Freshman was hanging out with her amazing friend, having finished watching an embarrassingly-stupid comedy on Megavideo. Their stomachs rumbled simultaneously, and they glanced at each other, deciding it was probably best to get food. But where? This amazing friend suggested Noch’s, indubitably the best pizza joint in Cambridge. As they were about to leave, she remembered that Scoutmob, a cool site with lots of great deals, had vouchers for ONE FREE SLICE of Noch’s pizza! They gleefully emailed themselves the code onto their smartphones/printed out the vouchers and skipped down past Mount Auburn. There, they found artichoke pizza, tomato basil pizza, and some hilarious owners. They ate happily and returned to Canaday to enjoy their last night together before break, stomachs silent. The End.



The Freshman and her roommates decided they needed to go out to dinner before leaving for their incredibly looooonnngggg Winter Break. One of them suggested sushi, and the rest were quick to accept the offer. They all trucked down to the Sushi joint next to iHop, ordered “Crazy Spicy Tuna,” “Dragon Rolls,” “The Alligator Roll,” and many more deliciously-named/tasting food. As they discussed the month ahead, their families, and finals, they gobbled up the delicious nori rolls. All too soon it was over, and the four girls separated, this time for good, as our heroine departed the next day. The End.



I hope you enjoyed those short stories, which may or may not have all happened on the same night to me. I hope everyone else at Harvard has survived their Finals, which were really rough, and have moved on to their cheery homes, where they can enjoy lights, warmth, and good cheer. Signing off for now (:


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