Harvard Junior Parent Weekend

This past weekend was Junior Parent Weekend at Harvard and I had the honor of having my Mother and Brother come visit in order to share in the experience with me.

Check out the video below to see how it went. I wanted to give you a real look into how their visit impacted me so I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Jessica J’s avatar

    Hello Jesse,

    This is Jessica, I’m so glad your family was able to go and visit you. I’m so glad that you are parte de la historia de Harvard. I also believe in the change in the world, it only takes one person to make an impact en la vida de las personas. Por eso, I want to express once again how much I look up to you. Las palabras de tu mami son enrealidad muy llenos de alegria y no hay mejor regalo que los padres puedan recibir que el querer mejorarse a uno mismo. Me llena de alegria todas las cosas lindas que uno como latin@ puede oferecerles a sus padres. The Parent Junior Weekend seems so exciting that I can’t wait to become part of it. I trully look forward to have a chance to meet you personally.

    I dont’ know if you remember how much I wanted to start a Club Latino, well desde cuando he tenido el previlegio de llevarlo acabo and I just wanted to share how successful it has been. Our club se llama “Orgullo Latino” and I’m so proud de ser the President. Thank you Jesse for all those kind words you told me and for fulfilling others with esperanza. Jesse I also wanted to ask you if Harvard’s Latino club CAN SHOW SU PRESENCIA EN NUESTRA ESCUELA, I WOULD LIKE TO INVITE EL CLUB INCLUYENDOTE A TI PARA LLEVAR ACABO UNA CELEBRACION UNICA EN EL CINCO DE MAYO, 2012.

    Thank you for our time and I WILL BE WAITING ANXIOUSLY FOR THE REPLY.

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