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Technology is developing and spreading like an epidemic. People just assume that because I’m twenty years old, I know how to work an iPhone, but please just expect a grossly puzzled look once I hear about tablets, GarageBand, and Pinterest.

Lucky for me, Harvard is embracing the epidemic so I don’t personally have to. HUIT (Harvard University Information Technology) has exploited technology to the benefit of its students and I don’t think I have ever supported exploitation as much as I do now. There is a plethora of applications at your fingertips (literally) that make your life so much easier, and consequently, makes life that much more beautiful.

Texting is revolutionary. This quick and convenient messaging system isn’t just used to send a flirty one liner to that cute boy in your Spanish section, but you can text librarians too (see the right hand side of the link); disclaimer: the librarian may or may not be cute. But let’s say you’re just not a book person (ridiculous hypothetical situation, I know) and are more concerned about your laundry. You’ve heard those terror stories of strangers throwing your wet laundry around to free up a machine so you clear your calendar to wait by your laundry machine, right? Wrong. There’s no need to desperately wait alongside your whites when LaundryView can text you when your cycle is done! And if you’re already a fan of objects/computers rather than people texting you, there’s a personified bus that can get your phone buzzing like crazy. Harvard University runs an AWESOME shuttle system that can get you around campus, the dorms, and even to the Longwood Medical area in Boston! The shuttle is free for students and even comes concomitant with a new phone contact! Name: Shuttle Boy; endearingly termed SBoy, most unanimously wanted (romantically) on campus and never fails to text you back. By this point, you might be imagining every Harvard student texting constantly, but these texting habits might just save our lives!! Harvard has adopted texting (in addition to emailing and calling) as its method of communication during emergencies.

There are definitely disadvantages to being so freaking reliant on our phones. I’ll justify this by arguing that there are worse addictions out there…does an internet addiction count??

One of the main complaints about leaving campus is the slower internet connection everywhere else. We’re pretty much all brats when it comes to waiting for our Gmails to load. However, a speedy connection truly is crucial to our success. We do everything online – from registering, picking classes, and keeping up with our assignments. The other day, I needed to order a transcript so I jogged to the Registrar’s Office…where they directed me to a computer to order the transcript online.

Double lucky for me, Harvard is efficient so I don’t need to be all of the time. I’ve recently learned about this online HUIT forum where students input suggestions – and here’s the real kicker – people actually read them and work on implementing the suggestions!!! When the already beautifully amazing university you attend strives for improvement on a daily basis, it’s hard for students to not do the same.


I canNOT wait for the Class of 2016 to start visiting and to develop an even deeper connection with their phones! My best friend from high school just visited me this past weekend (best weekend EVER) and because she avidly reads my posts, I never had to explain any weird acronyms!! Too bad I never had a post to explain my messy room…

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