Right Place, Right Time

Follow your dreams. That seems to be a theme of my posts, but that is because I truly believe it. There are so many opportunities to do so at Harvard too—everything from growing your own vegetables, to engaging in political discourse, to theatre troupes with a long history. Yet the wealth of resources can also make us veer of course.


I (perhaps unfortunately?) was not one of the students that changed my major as often as I immersed in Lamont to study. Partly because all the departmental intro meetings often have delicious, free food at them, but mostly because for my first two years I was so entrenched in pre-college major that I didn’t give myself the freedom to explore callings that arose.

It wasn’t until junior year that I explored the Mind-Brain-Behavior Track Program & Philosophy Department. In senior year I took on classes in anthropology & history, and realized my dream was at the intersection of all of these courses, departments, and teachers: food education, nutrition policy, and cultural foodways.


Instead of jumping into a job the day after graduation, I took on a fellowship to research the artisanal food movement (which I begin this week!), and completed a yoga teacher training (YTT) program that spoke to my interest in healthy & holistic healing (complementary to nutrition). Its scary to take the road less travelled, but in doing so, you may just realize (as I did) that its the path your meant for.


Indeed, if I never stayed in Boston and did the YTT, I would never have met the amazing owner of the studio in which we did our YTT (Karma Yoga), Jesse Widner. Through Jesse I became involved with helping and expanding his non-profit C.A.R.E, (the Community Animal Rescue and Education organization) into new projects I probably will update more as the summer goes on and plans become solidified. I’ve found this work an extremely satisfying way of bring together my varied passions of community, yoga, healing, and education.

My YTT Tribe & Jesse in the middle at Karma Yoga!

So, wherever you end up, follow your desire and carve the path you want. More updates on a summer in Boston—including the beginning of the fellowship and my evolving working with C.A.R.E—to come.




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  1. Bette’s avatar

    Well I think it is great that you took the road less travelled. I know lots of people that did just that, and most of them seem way happier today than the ones who got into the business world right away. It’s certainly not for everyone, but even though it is scary, it might be worth it.

  2. andrew’s avatar

    Excellent post and perfect title.Time is vary valuable thing in humans life.When you do a particular thing at particular time and particular place then you will reach success vary easily.Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

    1. npadilla’s avatar

      Of course, I think that’s a great way to put it!

    2. Ashunda Thomas’s avatar

      It took me some time and maturity and certainly life experiences prior to realizing my true inner happiness. I’ve developed so much over the years as I ignored my true passion, my God given gift and what seem to be the most glorified person I can be towards myself. Finally I am extremely happy and content with what I do for a living – “#LifeCoaching at its best” -@AThomasPhD

      1. npadilla’s avatar

        That’s awesome, I love hearing of people finding and fulfilling their passions!

      2. maria’s avatar

        hi natalie
        i really need some one’s help how knows about harvard i couldnt really find an official e mail address so i wanna ask you for help ( you look very kind :d )
        its my email adress mariafarahzad@gmail.com
        i will be really really happy if you send me an email and i will be thank you forever

        1. npadilla’s avatar


          While I blog for the admissions office, I do not work for them–you would have better luck I believe contacting them directly here: http://www.admissions.college.harvard.edu/contact/index.html



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