A Photo Tour of Boston

This past weekend I got to spend Sunday afternoon walking around Boston taking photos for a project I’m working on, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to share some snapshots of the city in the summer! Of course, these photos only skim the surface of what there is to see in Boston, but I had a lot of fun walking all over the city – it was awesome to get the chance to roam around as I pleased. Enjoy!

Stop 1: Newbury Street and Copley Square

Newbury St is a posh shopping area downtown Boston that sits right between Back Bay and Boston Common. It makes for great people watching and is always a great place to grab a snack. Not always so great for shopping on a college student’s budget, though!  Boylston St runs parallel to Newbury and is just two blocks over, and this is home to the Prudential Center (a shopping mall of sorts) and Copley Square, where the Boston Public Library and the historic Trinity Church are located. In my mind, this part of the city is what people imagine when they think of “Boston” – it’s so pretty!

The Prudential Center – One of the coolest things I’ve done as an undergrad is get dinner at the very top!

Copley Square – That’s Trinity Church!

Stop 2: Boston Common

“The Common,” as it’s more often called, is a big public park right in the middle of downtown Boston. For those history buffs out there, it’s actually the oldest public park in the country – it’s where the British troops camped before the battle of Lexington and Concord. The Common is adjacent to the Public Garden, which is home to the city’s famous swan boats. It’s definitely one of the most scenic areas of the city, and is particularly beautiful during the summer. For those who have never been, it’s definitely worth spending $2.75 for a swan boats ride!

The entrance to the Public Garden

Swan Boats!

Stop 3: State House and Beacon Hill 

If there’s a part of  Boston that rivals the Common as being the “most classic Boston,” I would say that’s definitely Beacon Hill. It’s one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, has been home to dozens of important historical figure, and still has the same narrow cobblestone streets from when it was first built. It’s right next to the State House, which is considered the true “center” of Boston (and “the Hub” of the universe, according to Oliver Wendell Holmes).

Massachusetts State House

Beacon Hill

Stop 4: Government Center

The busiest part of downtown Boston is the area immediately around “Government Center,” which earns its name literally because of the number of government-related buildings in a two-block radius. I actually interned in Government Center last summer and can say from experience that it’s the part of the city where a lot of people go to work their day jobs and then leave come nightfall, which means the neighborhood is at its busiest between 9 and 5. I can also tell you that there are 4 Dunkin’ Donuts and 3 Starbucks within three blocks of my office building from last summer – if that’s not an indication that it’s a professional area, I don’t know what is. Right nearby Government Center are two other Boston landmarks, the Old State House and Faneuil Hall, which is a cute shopping strip that hosts lots of street performers. Though not pictured, there are also a lot of historical destinations around the area, including churches and graveyards that hold relevance for Boston’s colonial history. Definitely a significant part of Boston!

Old State House tucked among taller office buildings

Faneuil Hall

Stop 5: Back Bay and Fenway

Back Bay, home to Boston University, is slightly quieter than downtown and exudes more of a true “neighborhood” vibe (at least, to me it does!). It runs right along the Charles between Boston Common and the Fenway/Kenmore area, where Fenway Stadium and the Boston Red Sox are located. Nothing better than Yawkey Way on game night!

Yawkey Way at Fenway

Back Bay at dusk

…and to wrap things up, some cool shots of the Charles!

Downtown Boston

Cambridge silhouette against the sunset

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