Welcome Freshmen!

Hi blogosphere, Jake from the Admissions Office here. On my walk home from the office yesterday I meandered through Harvard Yard to check out Freshman Move-In Day.  Here’s a collage of my photos from the festivities featuring some of the new students, their families, and a variety of upperclassmen excited to greet the new class:

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  1. majali abdallah’s avatar

    I’m surprised the lack of specialty media and journalism at the University of prestigious universities such as Harvard, why?

  2. majali abdallah’s avatar

    I am surprised at the lack of journalism and media in reputed university like Harvard?Why?

  3. Uchenna udoye’s avatar

    My dream right from when i was a kid was to school in havard, i love this school

  4. Havish’s avatar

    Can International Student can apply through Early Action Decision.

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