YOSYO (You Only Senior Year Once)

It’s such a strange feeling being a senior. The start to the semester has been incredibly busy, and I echo Caroline’s sentiments about senior year being a completely different experience than any of the others. I’ve also been putting myself out there in the job search, trying to get my foot in the door somewhere. I’ve been learning a lot about different industries and trying to see where I feel like my skills could have the most impact. It’s a pretty daunting idea–the thought of entering the working world scares me a lot. I love school and have found a home in Harvard that I don’t want to leave.

Before the job search, I was able to have fun with the Crimson Key Society (CKS), which is a service organization Caroline, Kemie, and myself are a part of. CKS is essentially Harvard’s welcoming committee, and we give campus tours and run Freshman Week (what we call first-year student orientation). Some highlights include the First Chance Dance, the Freshman Talent Show, as well as our annual showing of Love Story. We all dress up in 70’s gear and dance outside the Science Center to songs by music groups like The Jackson 5 and The Bee Gees before the showing of the movie, which is always a lot of fun!

My friend, Jill, and I before our showing of Love Story!

My friend, Jill, and I before our showing of Love Story!

Besides getting back into the swing of things, my dorm building, Quincy House, recently had our annual Field Day and Exorcism. There are 4 teams each year: sophomores, juniors, seniors, and staff, and every team has a different colored t-shirt. While Field Day sounds like a sporting event, you actually don’t need much athletic ability at all. And yes, the entire staff of our House show up to compete, from our Housemasters, Lee and Deb, to our House administrator, Larry, to our Resident Dean, Judith, and our entire staff of Tutors and even their children! We compete against each other in balloon toss, dizzy bat races, limbo, and tug of war (to name a few), and it’s just an overall great welcome back event that gets everyone involved in some friendly competition. I was the limbo champion last fall, only to experience a bit of an upset when I got eliminated in the second to last round this year. An even bigger upset, however, was when my class (2013–the defending champions from last year), came in second behind the staff.

...seconds before an epic fail of falling in the second to last round!

…seconds before an epic fail of falling

Senior year has been quite a ride already and it’s only been a few weeks! I’ve met some amazing new people and I’m super excited for what’s to come. I’ll keep you all updated–best of luck to those students in the States who also just recently started school! #YOLO #YOSYO!

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  1. Family Alcoholism’s avatar

    I am encouraging you to not quit. I made it to my senior year and dropped out of Law school. My problem was that my girlfriend got pregnant and we married.

    I did finish school and passed the bar. It took me about another ten years to get to that point but I’ve glad I finished.

    I am now working for a firm that handles insurance cases.

    1. Scott Yim’s avatar

      Thanks for the advice and for reading!


    2. YJ’s avatar

      Hi! Freshman week sounds so fun! Are sophomores, juniors and seniors (who are not part of CKS) allowed to participate and mingle with the freshmen as well? Or is the event only for freshmen and CKS? Field Day sounds kind of like spirit week at my school 🙂 Each grade gets a different colored shirt and we do things like tug-of-war too! Except, teachers don’t participate and seniors always come in first 😀 Oh and I’m just curious, do freshmen have their own field day?

      Happy September! 🙂

      1. Scott Yim’s avatar

        Hi YJ!

        Absolutely–anyone (regardless of whether you are in Crimson Key or not) can participate in welcoming the freshmen! CKS members are the ones with the official shifts, but upperclassmen can definitely mingle with the first-year students.

        Freshmen don’t have their own field day, but they do have a full year’s worth of intramural sports, which is essentially the same thing, just for an extended period of time! Each dorm competes in various sports throughout the year, from flag football to ping pong to volleyball.

        Thanks for reading!

      2. ricky’s avatar

        oh~i think it’s really fun to enjoy the school life.i am interesting about how the life in harvard different from the others.and i am a chinese as add.i wished that i will have a chance to experience the life in USA.maybe you can do some introduces if you are free.thank you

        1. Scott Yim’s avatar

          Hi Ricky,

          I hope my blog can give you a helpful perspective on life in the US and at Harvard.

          Thanks for reading, and do let me know if there are any questions I can answer for you!


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