It’s Been a While!

Hi readers!

Last time I checked up on the blog, I had just been accepted into the Opportunes– more than a month ago! Now, the leaves have changed from green to red and orange and classes are in full swing. I’ve been so busy, but it’s great to be back to blogging, although I haven’t been far from the Admissions Office, as I am now in my fourth week of touring and giving information sessions! Today I gave an awesome tour to a group of students from London (if any of you are reading, I hope you’ve made it home safely and are working on your application to Harvard). It’s gotten pretty chilly around here, but fall is my favorite time of year, and winter is in close second…tied with summer, of course. (Spring is nice, too, especially because of my birthday.)

Being a sophomore is quite a [nice] change; I really loved Freshman year, because of all the new things, and I love Sophomore year even more, because I’m taking even more classes that I love, adding on even more new things, and having an even more awesome semester so far. I was really stressed out this time last year, and now I’m just more busy than usual, but loving every minute of it. I keep looking around and remembering that I’m still at Harvard, the best school in the universe, for  way more reasons than academics!

Living in the Quad (one of the three houses to the North, rather than the South, of the center of campus) is really great, except for the fact that my bicycle lock has rusted completely shut, and no matter how much WD-40 I use, I can’t seem to get it undone. Commuting on foot is a drag, and I’d go on the shuttle if I didn’t get motion sickness or if the weather weren’t so nice, so for now I’ve been demoted from cyclist to pedestrian. Oh, well. On that note, I’d like to make a new comic of my life this year, compared to my day-in-the-life post of last year, which you can check out here. Yay for visuals!



I guess I’ll give you some more pics!

The Crimson Execs of 2012! Can you find me?


My fellow baby Opportunes and me!


Goofy Nostalgics on Retreat

Okay so that’s it for now! I have to go work on my problem set for Stats, and finish up that arrangement for A Cappella.

Until next week


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  1. David’s avatar

    Yahoo! your blog is back!

    I was hoping to read that a certain local bike lock company made a visit to Harvard Yard and helped you unlock that NEW rusted lock. Oh well – I will find you a new lock from THE OTHER Massachusetts bike lock manufacturer and send it your way.

    Maybe you want to take a class at The Center for Cartoon Studies over winter break?

    1. Reid’s avatar

      I am back in action Dawin. Still don’t have a bike 🙁

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