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I am currently hanging out in Currier D-hall, procrastinating and blogging in lieu of writing my Ethnography of Food research paper…which is due on Wednesday. (Whoops! Just passed in a p-set, though, so I need a bit of an academic break.) I was on retreat for my a cappella group, The Opportunes, this weekend, and had an incredible time in Walpole at one of our member’s house; we learned three new songs (one being a pop medley) as well as some spicy choreography, so our jam in the end of November should be a great show! This week is going to be relatively relaxing before next week takes over and I have about 5 hours of rehearsal a night (thus earning it the name of ‘Hell Week,’ although we all love singing and being among one another). Eek!


Opportunes on train tracks!



I’ve been a lot busier this semester with non-academic activities, and it’s taken me a while to realize that I really love doing my extracurriculars…more than my academics. Therefore I will be dropping out. Just kidding! I love being in such a vibrant community and mostly have to strike a better balance next semester. My goals, published for all the world to see, are as follows:

  • Decide a concentration [major] that is just rigorous enough to push me [but not over the edge].
  • Take awesome classes next semester, and get good marks!
  • Work at The Harvard Crimson (our newspaper) again and have a sweeeeet time.
  • Don’t tour-guide as much, as it really hurts my voice and I don’t want to endanger my vocal cords 🙁
  • Train to be a FOP leader! (I am applying and would love to lead a bunch of first-years into the wilderness.)
  • Hopefully be on the Speak Out Loud team again, as the competition is at Barnard College this year (and I was so close to going there). We will see after this weekend’s slam on Saturday night.
  • Improve The Nostalgics website and send out the majority of our band on an incredible final semester.
  • Have more time! (Hah, hah, hah.)
So hold me accountable to that, all of you!
Hmm so what’s new in the ‘Vard?  Not very much, as a matter of fact. I’m pretty tired, it got very cold this weekend, and it’s only Monday! I’m ‘shooting’ for Editor at Large of the Multimedia board of The Crimson, which means I have to have a lot of little meetings so that I can convince everyone deliberating on my position that I am the one for the job. I find out pretty soon, too, so that will be good to know.

Ah, the Charles

A few things that I’m nervous/excited about:
  • The Election. I am already biting my nails. I cast my ballot today via overnight mail to Vermont, and will be up all night tomorrow; I am hoping to not be disappointed.
  • The results of this week of Crimson delibs; will I be an executive again?
  • What my paper will become!
  • New sweatshirts for the Opportunes, which should arrive on Friday if all goes well 🙂
  • Declaring my concentration officially.
Ooof, I think that’s enough bullet points for now. I should probably work on this paper….and start all the things  I’m excited about (well, not the election).
Have a lovely election day, my fellow Americans. To those internationals reading this, send us good tidings in such a tumultuous, political time!

Well isn’t this terrifying

Until next week,


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