Blogger Bonding

Hello again!

Yesterday night, a bunch of us from the blog got together to unwind and share our plans for the upcoming semester.   We keep up with one another by reading each other’s blogs, but it’s really great when we find the time to gather in person and just hang out.

I was especially excited for our plans to meet, because we decided on dinner in Harvard Square at Russell House Tavern, an undergrad favorite.  Convenient location, great food, and amazing decor! The walls are covered with photographs of prominent locations in the Square at different points in history, so you get to track the development of the Square over dinner and drinks.

We figured it was a good time together, since we started a new semester a few weeks back.  Also, it was a chance for us to welcome three new bloggers to the fold!  So excited to keep up with our new bloggers: Caroline (2.0), Rob, and Inesha.  Keep an eye out for their takes on life as an undergrad at Harvard!

Shaun, Rob, Scott, me, Caroline, and Inesha at Russell.

That’s all for now! Hopefully I’ll have some interesting updates for you all this semester…


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  1. Removing Moles’s avatar

    There is no updates from your side since long time…

    1. Kemie’s avatar

      I took a break from blogging last semester, but I’m back now!

    2. amixer’s avatar

      Thank you for infomation

      1. Kemie’s avatar

        My pleasure!

      2. Anna De Joy’s avatar

        hey you people enjoy.. even we have enjoyed when we are in our college days.. i miss it.. good luck dear..

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