Junior Parents Weekend

It’s about 11:30 pm on a Tuesday. I have set up shop on the third floor of Lamont Library because I’m supposed to be writing a paper on the meaning of “union” following the American Revolution, but I can’t stop reminiscing about the weekend.

Daydreaming in Lamont

Daydreaming (procrastinating) in Lamont

I am fixated on the weekend, now days behind me, because it was not simply your standard Harvard weekend.  This past weekend was Junior Parents Weekend (JPW), a special time when the University invites the parents of third year students to visit campus and enjoy a weekend of college-sponsored programming. There’s also a similar weekend set aside for first years students in the fall called Freshman Parents Weekend. But this weekend was all about my mom and me.

I still can’t believe my mom was just here.  I’m from Northern Virginia, so the trip from home to school is not a particularly epic journey.  It pales in comparison to the trips that my west coast/international friends have to deal with every time they go home.  In fact, I’m just a short ninety-minute flight from the comfort of family and home when I’m at school.  That being said, my mom is a full-time elementary school guidance counselor and a mother of four, so she doesn’t make it up to Cambridge very often.  JPW was just her fourth time visiting campus (she also came for Move-In Day, Freshman Parents Weekend, and random visit this past July).  Given the rarity of our mother-daughter visits, my mom and I made the most of our time together.

Friday morning, I packed a carry-on bag full of clothes, toiletries, and books for the weekend so that I could move in with my mom for the weekend.  Honestly, I think that my bag for my trip from Currier in the Quad to my mom’s hotel room on the River outweighed her luggage for her trip from Fairfax, VA to Cambridge, MA.  The span of time from check-in on Friday to check-out on Sunday was pretty much a blur of friendly introductions and good food, but a few moments stand out in my memory.

The highlight of the day on Friday was having my mom tag along on my weekly tour.  Every Friday I give a historical tour of Harvard Yard through the Crimson Key Society.  The tours are open to the public, so it was a lot of fun seeing my mom’s reaction to my tour and watching her interact with the tourists in my group.  The best part of the day on Saturday was taking my mom to see this year’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals show.  Like I mentioned in some of my posts from last year, a lot of my friends are involved with the production of the show, so that made sharing the experience with my mom even more special.  She also got a kick out of the male students dressed as women, since the show is essentially a drag-musical! Finally, the standout memory from Sunday was ordering room service and sharing breakfast in bed with my mom before her flight home.

Me, Mom, and John Harvard

My mom and me with John Harvard after my tour.

Overall, the weekend was fun, relaxing, and a great way to center myself before tackling midterm papers this week.  Speaking of which, I should really get back to work now! I can’t keep daydreaming about Junior Parents Weekend and missing my mom. Although, honestly, I miss the restaurant meals at least as much as I miss her…

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