Housing Day – The Result

The house known as Currier (photo credit: lukethelibrarian, via Flickr)

Apologies for only posting this now when I did promise Thursday afternoon, but it turned out to be a very busy day! The excitement began at 8:30am when my blocking group assembled in my room to find out the result of the lottery. Slowly the noise in the yard began to rise as the upperclassmen entered in their masses, all chanting for their houses and waving banners. Mather came to our dorm, we all sat on tenderhooks, but then passed, and the nervous wait continued, until a green mob rested outside of our door: we were placed in Currier! Currier is on the of the Quad houses, and although not your stereotypical Harvard neo-Georgian style, it’s still a great house. It has huge common areas, is made up nearly entirely of singles, some of which are larger than my current double in the yard, and has a set of amazing senior suites, massive rooms which we will hopefully be lucky enough to get senior year.

I unfortunately had a mid-term on housing day, but with that and my afternoon practice over the revelry began. Some of my blockmates and I went up to the Quad to have dinner in our new house, and after we were greeted with a massive reception complete with food and presentation on the house. Tours followed, and we got a chance to chat to some of the upperclassman about what life in Currier is like. Although being in the Quad might be seen as a negative by some, I myself don’t see the problem: firstly it’s really not that far, and as I already have a bike for rowing it’s even closer to campus, and as well as that I have a lot of other good friends who were placed into other Quad houses (Cabot and Pfortzheimer), so Quad spirit is going to be massive next year. But whichever house anyone received on housing day, the best thing about it is that you know you’re going to be living with a group of your best friends, an experience almost exclusively reserved for college. So here’s to (almost) being an upperclassman!

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    Welcome to Currier!

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