Spring Break!

Hello Everyone!


I actually only have 5 minutes in an internet cafe so this will be very short.  I am currently on Spring Break with some Harvard friends, and it has been fabulous!

First, I participated in Harvard Model Congress Europe´s conference in Madrid, staffing the National Security Council committee.  The delegates in my committee (shout out if you´re reading!) were AMAZING!  I had such a wonderful time getting to know them and listening as they dealt with issues surrounding Cybersecurity and Illicit Arms Trade.

Now, I am in the Canary Islands with some friends!

Must go (place is closing), but I will update next week!



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  1. zhengfei’s avatar

    Can hand over a friend

  2. Liu Dongdong’s avatar

    I know it’s very hard for me to get into Harvard University.
    But I am determined to study there one day, no matter how difficult it it.
    Why I want to challenage myself?
    I just want to show thousands of Chinese students who have a low degree and low self-confidence that anything is possible if you continue learning and keep dreaming.
    I am not THAT ambitious,I just want to prove something,to inspire some people,to make just a little difference.

  3. Chris’s avatar

    I’m very interested into the Harvard University.
    I hope you could tell me even little about Harvard’s life and how to get into there 🙂

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