Spring Break in the Stacks

This past week was Spring Break, and I ended up staying on campus to work on my junior essay for my History and Literature tutorial.  The junior essay is a 6,000 word (give or take) paper that every Hist and Lit student writes in the spring of their junior year, in preparation for the senior thesis.  To be clear, most concentrators don’t stay on campus to work on this essay, since the assignment spans the majority of the semester.  I just stuck around because I made a last-minute to write a new paper on a completely different topic, and I decided it was worth is to give up my break to focus all of my attention on my work.

Since I sacrificed sunshine for a better paper, and I ended up spending a lot of time in Widener Library working on my second paper.  My research often led me to the Widener Stacks, which are basically endless.

Some of the books are stored underground in Pusey Library, which is connected to Widener by an underground tunnel (you can see the tunnel in the diagram above).  A trip to Pusey is a rare occasion for me, and I couldn’t resist the urge to play around with the electronic book shelves while I was down there.

So this is basically how I spent my vacation: Pusey Stacks Clip

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  1. Jeanie Nguyen’s avatar

    Please tell us Kemie that you actually drew that map yourself after spending so much time there!

  2. Scott Yim’s avatar

    That map of the stacks is INCREDIBLE. Where did you find that?? I wish someone gave me that freshman year…

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