The Kind of Stuff Harvard Is made Of.

I’ll be honest. Until this week I didn’t quite know what community at Harvard looked like. A sophomore transplanted in a new residential house after a semester away, I was lost for a little while. I’ve been trying to find my own rhythm.

But this week.

This week has been surreal. Bizarre. Crazy. Scary. Humbling.

But when you can get up and go to the dining hall and are greeted by smiling dining hall workers who trekked out at 5 in the morning– even though the rest of the city was on shutdown– just so that they can feed you, you know you’re taken care of. When three junior boys roll up their sleeves and help the dining hall staff by wiping down tables and replenishing napkins, you know that people get it. When practically your whole residential house finds itself in the dining hall laughing and chatting and asking in earnest– how are you?— you know that you are a part of something much bigger than yourself.

I cannot tell you how many texts, how many emails, how many hugs I have received this past week but I will tell you that every single one of them has reminded me of how magical this place is and how there IS a community here. A community that I’m a part of. It’s not a perfect community by any means but it’s one that cares first and foremost about the safety and the well being of every single student here. And I mean that.

Never have I felt more a part of not just this school but too this community, this city. Together, we are #BostonStrong.



For those of you out there who were intending to come to Visitas weekend, I hate that we won’t get to show you the really amazing things about Harvard. But please reach out. Get on twitter and tweet at us at @HarvardBloggers. Join our #virtualvisitas and ask your questions. I assure you that the undergraduates here want to welcome YOU to our family. Boston and Harvard are so incredible, you’ll want to be here!

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