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So sorry for the crash in energy I had last week… there was just SO MUCH WORK that had to be done!  But the good news is that I have just experienced one of the most relaxing weekends to date, AND I managed to complete my Plan of Study!  What is a Plan of Study, you may ask?  Read on… but first, you’ll have to read about my weekend.

I would first like to take this moment to thanks all of our veterans who have served in our armed forces to protect our livelihood, our freedom, and our proud nation.  Their sacrifice has guaranteed that I get to go to the AMAZING school that is Harvard, and that I get to have the 11th of November off.  To celebrate both America and our day off, my friend Patrick and I decided to devote a portion of the day to making Freedom Toast (aka French Toast… but considering the day, we decided its sporadically used, patriotic name was more appropriate).

The original plan was to meet early (11:00 am… don’t judge me) and cook up a delicious breakfast!  Unfortunately, 11:00 am was feeling a little too early for me (hey, I had a hard week, I deserved to sleep in!), so after detouring to Starbucks I finally made it to Patrick’s room somewhere around 2:00 pm.  Patrick lives in housing called Dewolfe, which is overflow for a number of River Houses including Lowell, Quincy, Winthrop, and some Leverett (I think?… someone can correct me on that one).  But before you go feeling sorry for these kids who are outcasts of their houses, let me explain that they are gifted with MAMMOTH common rooms, large private bathrooms, spacious sleeping quarters, and kitchens.  Still feeling sorry for them?  I didn’t think so.

After cooking and eating copious amounts of “Freedom Toast,” I proceeded to crash on Patrick’s futon and go to sleep again (if you are beginning to see a theme to my weekend, you would be correct).  I awoke around 5:00 pm to meet my roommates to go out to dinner at the fabulous tapas restaurant called Dali.  We proceeded to eat a selection of yummy Spanish foods before returning as a group to Currier where I changed into my jammies and took a quick nap… that turned into another three-hour sleep fest.

Ok, so maybe our Freedom Toast didn't look this perfect, but it was pretty darn good

But lest you think I slept my entire Friday away, I will say that my marvelous blockmates woke me up to celebrate the second 11:11:11 of 11/11/11 (I slept through the morning one… I know, shocking), and from there we proceeded to go take a trip to the Pfoho Grill, grab curly fries, and return to my room to watch reruns of Glee – I could not have asked for a more perfect Friday night.

Saturday was much the same – I slept in until 1:30 pm, got up and did some work in my jammies, finally got dressed to grab dinner in Pfoho (a different Quad house) with a friend I hadn’t seen in forever, later flipped back and forth between the Notre Dame vs. Maryland Terrapin game and the Oregon vs. Stanford game, and finally watched Saturday Night Live.  I’d forgotten how great TV can be!

But I wouldn’t be a Harvard student if I were this unproductive all of the time.  Among a plethora of other things I did on Sunday, including a Theta officer meeting, and completing the Women in Business comp process, I also wrote my Plan of Study.  A Plan of Study is a form that every first semester sophomore must complete in order to declare a concentration (aka. major… we just call them concentrations for some unknown, probably pretentious reason).  To compile my Plan of Study, I had to tentatively declare all of the classes I would be taking for the rest of my time here.  Note, that this is tentative and shopping period is still completely valid.  While most students spend 1-2 hours on their Plans of Study, I devoted… many more hours (I don’t even want to count because the number would be embarrassing).  But after pouring over course selections – Harvard offers over 3,500 courses every semester – I have developed my Plan!

Here's a copy of my Plan of Study!

So ladies and gentlemen, I am officially a History concentrator **cue loud round of applause!** For those of you who have been following my blog from the very beginning of my freshman year, you know how many ups and downs I’ve been through to get to this point, and you know what a big deal this is!!! I’m sooooo excited!  Thanks for hanging in there with me.

And that’s all for now folks!  A special shout-out to Mohammad who left such a nice comment on my last post!  It really meant a lot to me, and I haven’t forgotten your questions.  Also, to anyone who was wondering, I ended up doing really well on the Math midterm I was freaking out about last week!  I may have been totally sleep deprived and overly hyped up on caffeine, but I pulled through.  Only time can tell with that History paper, and Psych went… averagely – I actually scored the exact mean score.  It’s funny how my academic standards have had to adjust since I arrived here… potential blog material?

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