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Volleyball camp ended last week and I had the opportunity to coach both sessions with several members of the Varsity Women’s team. Volleyball is my favorite sport, and I played for the Varsity Men’s team at Harvard for two years. I coached a group of young girls together with my good friend Ann, who played on the women’s team for two years–I like to joke and say we “retired” from our respective teams together. It was fun to teach younger players what I learned nearly 7 or 8 years ago, especially because the girls we were coaching were just starting out and had all the right motivation–for the love of the game. It was refreshing to teach volleyball in a setting that wasn’t competitive or about showing off; the players really just wanted to learn and get better. It was pretty awesome.

Scott and Ann with Team Black Panthers at The Volleyball Camp at Harvard

Scott and Ann with Team “Black Panthers” at The Volleyball Camp at Harvard

This week, I had a midterm presentation due for my tissue engineering class. The way that the class is structured, each student must present for 30 minutes on a topic of his or her choice that is related to the field of tissue engineering. The paper can be a study or a review of studies that’s been published within the past 3 years. I decided to present a recently published paper regarding advances in retinal tissue engineering. Specifically, the paper offered an introduction on common diseases of the eye and exactly why research within Ophthalmology is relevant and important. It reviewed several studies that looked at various polymers that different types of donor cells were delivered on when transplanted into the retinal pigment epithelial layers in the eye. The topic complements my position within Ophthalmology at the hospital I’m working at this summer, so I really enjoyed researching and finding out more about these polymers. There’s currently no cure for permanent visual loss due to retinal degeneration, so it’s definitely an exciting and worthwhile field to invest time in.

Volleyball camp and my presentation took up a lot of my time these past two weeks, but time just seemed to fly by. I’m only here for two more weeks! After that, I get one day off at home and then I’m off to India to film for the documentary that I started shooting earlier this summer before I got to campus. I’ll be there for 6 days before I fly back to Harvard to start PAF and Crimson Key events. Summer went by so quickly; I can’t believe it’s almost over. Everything is happening so fast, it’s crazy. Senior year will be a lot of fun, I’m sure, but I’m not sure I’m ready for it yet. I’m definitely still in summer mode, but I guess it’s a good thing I’m a month away!

Playing Kan Jam on the MAC Quad

Playing Kan Jam on the MAC Quad

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