Affiliated courses are offered by universities, nonprofit organizations, and law firms, most of them based in countries other than the United States. Each is taught by an expert in copyright law. Set forth below is a list of the affiliates, with links to their respective homepages.

2015 affiliates:

2014 affiliates:

2013 affiliate:

Persons enrolled in the affiliates can gain access to the CopyrightX forum at For assistance with the forums software, please consult the 2015 Forums User Guide. Links to the biographies of the affiliate teachers can be found on the Faculty page.  A link to the syllabus used by each affiliate may be found either through the affiliate’s homepage or through the Syllabi page.  For information concerning the examination in an affiliated course, students should consult the teacher of the course.  In all work for CopyrightX, including the final examination and additional examinations and quizzes, students must comply with CopyrightX’s academic honesty policy.

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